We jump right into the news of the past week with the US House passage of the American Health Care Act, the James Comey firing, and the many transgressions of one Mr. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Did the GOP truly make good on their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare? What was served during the James Comey (dis)loyalty dinner? The 10 Million Things We Hate About Sessions, and just what is the correct way to go about attacking his reputation?

(Sean slurs) "Lance's Smith The Amendment Minute" highlights the current interpretation of the 8th Amendment as it applies to capital punishment cases. What does "cruel and unusual" mean anyway? Are Czechs really Germanic or has Sean had too much barley pop?

"Twitter Fingers" brings you into our Twittersphere and we introduce two of our favorite tweeters: Kevin Williamson and Ken Jennings.

We end with Trivia, challenging Lance's knowledge of a few different topics as he tries to prove himself as a polymath.

Listen to the end. Trust me. 

"Please clap." - Jeb!